How often should I attend?

Counselling is most effective when clients attend once a week, normally at the same time and on the same day each week. Experience shows that clients gain faster and deeper understanding of their situation if they attend weekly, which enables greater progress. This also facilitates the development of the therapeutic relationship, which is an essential aspect of effective therapy. For this reason Andrew does not offer fortnightly or monthly sessions for clients.

If you are a shift worker please call Andrew to discuss possible arrangements. 

*Couples may attend fortnightly in some circumstances, e.g. if more time is required for working on their relationship together.

Clinical supervision may take place weekly or fortnightly.

How does it work?

Therapy is a place for you to explore your feelings and experiences, and how these are impacting and shaping your life. Through allowing your therapist to get to know you, the goal is that you come to know yourself better, so that this self-awareness can guide your behaviour and your choices. This can take some time. For many, they have never before really been invited to explore their feelings, or nobody has ever been interested in them. Some clients have come to distrust their emotions, or see them as ‘symptoms’ to be got rid of, and may see themselves as ‘logical’ or 'rational' people. Emotions are responses to life situations which can give us valuable information about what is going on. Whether or not we are consciously aware of them, they play a huge part in all our choices and behaviour. Many clients have come to fear difficult feelings, and to repress or avoid them. Andrew works with clients to find ways to fully and safely experience and manage these feelings and strengthen their inner sense of direction.

How long will it take?

Each client's situation is unique and their needs are different, but Andrew's experience is that clients get more from the process when they commit to the process for some months, rather than weeks. This facilitates the development of the therapeutic relationship, which research shows is essential to effective counselling and therapy. The purpose of the first session is for a mutual decision to be made as to whether Andrew is the right person to help you.

What times are available?

Sessions take place Monday to Friday, 8am to 3pm. Andrew does not see clients in the evenings or at the weekend.

Are your premises wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately not. All of the rooms in which Andrew works are upstairs, and none are wheelchair accessible

Will you offer advice?

A common misunderstanding is that the therapist’s role is to advise or direct the client. Therapy is very much a dialogue, but is about the client finding their own way through issues and problems, with the therapist’s support. If we reflect on this - if a therapist were to advise a client on how to live their life, this would be a huge intrusion into the client’s life, since it is the client who has to live with the consequences of decisions made. Therapy may be about increasing clients' awareness of the choices that they are currently making. With greater awareness of their emotional responses to life events, many clients feel a stronger inner sense of direction, and alternative choices may become clearer.

How much does it cost?

€80 (individual clinical supervision)
€90 (individual counselling / psychotherapy)
€90 (couples)
Two working days cancellation policy applies. Sessions last for 50 minutes (60 minutes for couples).  The fee is the same for all sessions, including the first. All fees inclusive of VAT. Please note that, as a self-employed individual, Andrew is not in a position to offer low cost counselling. There are many low cost counselling options available throughout Dublin. 

Is it possible to book online?

Before scheduling an appointment it is necessary to have a brief telephone conversation to determine if counselling or therapy is appropriate for you at this time. If you would like me to call you, please use the contact form. 

Is it confidential?

Sessions are confidential but there are legal and ethical limits to confidentiality [read more]

Do you offer child and adolescent counselling?

No.  Andrew works with adult clients only and does not work with clients under the age of 18 years.

Can I pay by card?

Andrew has an online payment policy (via bank transfer or Revolut for Business (IBAN on request), and payment is required a minimum of 24hrs before the session. Receipts are issued for all payments. VAT invoices available on request.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. You may read Andrew's Privacy Policy here.


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